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What do I bring? 

Please note this list is just a suggestion based on what many campers bring. Refresh Retreat, the WNY District of the Wesleyan Church, and Houghton University are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

  • Bedding. Rooms are equipped with twin mattresses; you are responsible for your own sheets, blankets and pillows

  • Toiletries and Towels/Washcloths

  • Swim suit, towel, pool shoes (modest suits please)

  • Casual Clothing

  • Sneakers/Tennis Shoes/Sandals

  • Coat Hangers

  • Alarm Clock/Phone Charger

  • Fan

  • Extension Cord

  • Bible, Notebook & Pen

  • Games, Sports/Recreational Equipment

  • Camp Chair

  • Bicycle/Scooter (don't forget your helmet for kids!)

If you are staying in the townhouses or apartments:

  • Pans/Utensils for cooking (kitchen is appliance only)

  • Soap, handtowels, extra toiletpaper for bathrooms


Packing List

Are we forgetting something? Comment here and let us know what you always bring with you to Refresh Retreat & why!

Important Reminders:

  • Complimentary Wi-fi is available throughout the campus

  • No inflatables of any kind are allowed in the campus pool. 

  • Campers in the townhouses/apartments are allowed to bring air conditioners, but they must be installed/un-installed by the campus staff Mon-Fri, and there is a fee involved

  • Grills and open fires are not permitted. The fire pits on campus are only to be used with a pre-approved permit

  • There is no smoking or alcohol permitted on campus. 

  • Pets are not allowed in any of the dormitories, townhouses, or apartments. 

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